I once had a day that went like this …

I once had a day that went like this …

6:45 am

wake up/bathroom

6:55 am

make lunch for three and breakfast for those not having cereal (that is self serve)

I have control issues around food, nutrition and my family so I start making breakfast…

6:55 am – 7:15 am

kids get dressed and are responsible for all lunch snacks.

There are 2 ripe tomatoes, some eggs in the fridge, a small chunk of cheese and bread.

I boil water in the kettle

6:57 am

I pour the boiling water in a pan, poach the eggs, grate the cheese and chop the tomatoes.

7:00 am

Last night I put rice on the stove and there is left over chicken in the fridge: this makes lunch. I heat up a cast iron frying pan and olive oil, the chicken and rice. A few spices, touch of water, reduce to simmer and cover.

7:05 am

The great thing about having a propane stove is how quickly food heats up!

Eggs almost done, bread goes in the toaster and butter comes out of the fridge.

The kettle is refilled and boiled for tea. I call the kids and set the table.

There is feta cheese in the fridge, so I decide to make a quick Greek salad for lunch.

7:06 am.

I call the kids to the table … again. It only took a minute to set the table and I now begin to chop the cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes for a salad. I mix some balsamic vinegar and flax oil in a small jar and portion it out for the girl’s lunches. Salad and dressing done. Quick check to make sure chicken and rice is not too dry ,maybe add a touch more water.

7:10 am.

Eggs are on plates with shredded cheese (which by now has melted a tad) and chopped tomatoes and the toast is buttered. I turn off the pan ( the chicken and rice is ready – always check to make sure you have enough water in the pan so your food does not burn) and fill up the thermoses.

And that was just the first two meals ….

Can I really get breakfast on the table and make lunch in less than 20 minutes?

Sure I can – did I mention I am still in my pajamas and won’t be checking my work day schedule until the last but leaves at 8:14 am.? Did I also mention I don’t clean as I work?

Oh the work … joyous, cyclical and sometimes hectic (maybe more often than sometimes?) work.

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