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Curried Brie Tofu

As seen on my FaceBook page - so tasty!   In a hot cast iron pan melt coconut oil and sesame oil.  I am generous with the coconut oil (about 2 Tb) and not so much with the sesame (1 tsp maybe a tad more).  Add the tofu and here the most important things are [...]

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thanks jane for that recipe

Procuttio wrapped halibut baked with fresh spinach, green beans, cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives all in a olive oil, butter and white wine sauce. Seasoned with Vita-Grains Savoury Fiesta

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I once had a day that went like this …

6:45 am wake up/bathroom 6:55 am make lunch for three and breakfast for those not having cereal (that is self serve) I have control issues around food, nutrition and my family so I start making breakfast… 6:55 am – 7:15 am kids get dressed and are responsible for all lunch snacks. There are 2 ripe [...]

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Do your emotions get in the way? What happens when you find yourself REACTING to situations? Living a spiritual life and having a human experience is an arduous task. It gets very complicated when feelings get in the way!! I can have a great week – feel strong, connected, supportive and loving. When I am [...]

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FOOD FOR LIFE has moved to Toronto along with Vida Grains, a delicious fibre food topping. You can now enjoy cooking classes and food coaching from the privacy of your own kitchen. Eager to change your relationship with food? Do you want to feel excited, energized and guilt free? First class if complementary! Call or [...]

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Vida Grains on Dragons’ Den

Watch for us on CBC's Dragons' Den Sunday January 20th at 8:00 p.m.. Vida Grains can now be found in health food stores across Canada or available for purchase on our website. Please vote for Vida Grains on Vida Grains tasting on Dragons' Den

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Healthy tasty cinnamon toast

Do you love your toast with butter and cinnamon?  Why not kick it up a notch, keep the taste and add the goodness of Vida Grains too!  Simply butter your bread and sprinkle on Morning Glory Vida Grains. The berries in Morning Glory Vida Grains are organic, sugar free, high in protein and antioxidants.  The [...]

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