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Morning Glory

Morning Glory Breakfast Blend has the same super nutritious blend of Original without the wheat. The oat bran used is certified gluten free. This tasty topping is loaded with organic fruit sweetened berries and cinnamon. An excellent topping for all breakfast cereals, fruit and porridge.

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Savoury Fiesta

Savory Fiesta is a spicier blend with garlic, cumin and a touch of nutritional yeast. Packed with the same super blend as the Original, Fiesta has added spices without the wheat germ and wheat bran. The oat bran used is gluten free.

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What do you do with your Vida Grains?

Every time I do a demonstration of Vida Grains or am selling Vida Grains at the Saturday Market, I hear of tasty, easy and creative ways to use Vida Grains.  I am excited to share them with you here. Savory Fiesta: Mix with sour cream to use as a dip. Sprinkle on a baked potato [...]

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Not just a food but a face mask too!

My daughter had a friend over and they were looking for organic home made face masks.  After choosing a recipe for a mask they were ready for a scrub but were short the almonds the scrub called for.  We made our own instead!  Using some organic yogurt we mixed in some oat bran and then [...]

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Worlds best sleep aid!

I love warm milk with honey and I love creating new recipes.  Yesterday I started making hot milk and ended up with a delicious hot milk treat.  It was so good that when my kids tasted it, I had none left for myself!  For an extra treat strain the milk and froth. For two cups [...]

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Live garden burgers

Raw food is in the foreground now and receiving lots of attention. Cooking your food is not necessarily easier, faster or tastier. The recipe below needs only a food processor, a pair of clean hands and 10 minutes of your time! What can be faster? The taste will speak for itself so make sure to [...]

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Easy Feta Omelette

Breakfast definitely needs to be time efficient and there is nothing as simple, easy and satisfying as eggs!  A Mediterranean style breakfast that will have  your tastebuds dreaming of Greece.  2 eggs 2 heaping tablespoons feta* oil or butter for seasoning the pan Crumble feta into a bowl.  Whisk in eggs, add salt & pepper to taste. [...]

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Terrific Tasting Brussel Sprouts

No this is not an oxymoron! This is truly the best brussel sprout dish I have ever made. It has become a tradition among a group of us on Salt Spring Island to celebrate Thanksgiving together, and I am expected to bring these. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to brussel sprouts - this [...]

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Oatmeal – the Real Deal

Although we usually associate oatmeal as a winter food, I discovered on a recent trip to the Dominican that oats taste great on hot sunny days too!  For exceptional outcomes make sure you are using high quality whole oat flakes & vanilla bean - many vanilla extracts are not true extracts, unable to provide the taste and [...]

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the best eggplant ever!

Young fresh eggplants are abundant this time of year and they are delicious! My favourite way to it them takes of course less than 30 minutes, it is easy and finger licking good. A toaster oven is a convenient place to roast small eggplants, it is energy efficient and fast. I place the eggplant in [...]

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