Meals for a great start

Healthy tasty cinnamon toast

Do you love your toast with butter and cinnamon?  Why not kick it up a notch, keep the taste and add the goodness of Vida Grains too!  Simply butter your bread and sprinkle on Morning Glory Vida Grains. The berries in Morning Glory Vida Grains are organic, sugar free, high in protein and antioxidants.  The [...]

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Easy Feta Omelette

Breakfast definitely needs to be time efficient and there is nothing as simple, easy and satisfying as eggs!  A Mediterranean style breakfast that will have  your tastebuds dreaming of Greece.  2 eggs 2 heaping tablespoons feta* oil or butter for seasoning the pan Crumble feta into a bowl.  Whisk in eggs, add salt & pepper to taste. [...]

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Oatmeal – the Real Deal

Although we usually associate oatmeal as a winter food, I discovered on a recent trip to the Dominican that oats taste great on hot sunny days too!  For exceptional outcomes make sure you are using high quality whole oat flakes & vanilla bean - many vanilla extracts are not true extracts, unable to provide the taste and [...]

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smoked eggs

I love love love eggs. Especially smoked brown eggs. If this is a new concept for you and you like hard boiled eggs then this is THE dish for you. This is my childhood comfort food; Our 'Sunday' brunch on late Saturday mornings before going to the beach. One prepares this dish the night before [...]

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ice cream for breakfast? yes!

Ice cream is another way of saying thick shake. Who does not enjoy a cold thick sweet shake in the morning? A powerhouse breakfast, fast and easy to prepare. All you need is a frozen banana and a blender to start. Base for ice cream First freeze your fruit. Once frozen, blend in blender and [...]

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Shakshuka: Poached eggs on vegetables

Shakshuka is an Israeli egg and tomato dish. Very simple and easy to make, all you need are eggs and tomatoes. You can incorporate other vegetables if you like, onions and peppers are a tasty addition. To simplify the recipe below, use only tomatoes. Use one small to medium onion and 2 tomatoes for every [...]

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Fried rice for breakfast?

I usually make way more rice than my family eats at a meal.   Leftover rice though, is never a problem, it is a dish waiting for inspiration. The great thing about rice is it's versatility.  You can turn it into breakfast, salad, hearty dinner or dessert. For breakfast I like to reheat the rice [...]

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Oatmeal is the breakfast of champions

I usually think of oatmeal for breakfast when I wake up to the cold, wet and dark days of fall. It is a hearty meal that can be dressed up in many ways, eaten sweet or savory with a pinch of salt and pepper. Yes, you read correctly - there are those who prefer their [...]

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Last night I had a snack … avocado …

Are you ever curious about people's food habits? I admit I am. I check out grocery carts and try to imagine what's for dinner. I am always preparing something in the kitchen and with a family of 5 , our house is active. What I am trying to say is that seldom (o.k., maybe at [...]

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Yogurt and Fruit Muslei

Here is a great and easy light lunch for kids. You will need frozen fruit, yogurt and granola. I use a small mason jar with a screw top lid. It is pressure treated glass, safe and easy to open and close. Fill the jar 1/3 of the way with frozen berries. Top off the rest [...]

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