Curried Brie Tofu

As seen on my FaceBook page - so tasty!   In a hot cast iron pan melt coconut oil and sesame oil.  I am generous with the coconut oil (about 2 Tb) and not so much with the sesame (1 tsp maybe a tad more).  Add the tofu and here the most important things are [...]

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Terrific Tasting Brussel Sprouts

No this is not an oxymoron! This is truly the best brussel sprout dish I have ever made. It has become a tradition among a group of us on Salt Spring Island to celebrate Thanksgiving together, and I am expected to bring these. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to brussel sprouts - this [...]

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summer pasta

With summer finally here we are beginning to reap some fresh treats from the garden! Basil, parsley and cilantro are all ready for eating as are the garlic scapes and even garlic bulbs. There are many beans and peas to be found at the market and if you are lucky, cherry tomatoes too. What do [...]

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quinoa; you gotta love it! hot or cold

Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa rinsed well with hot water 1 1/2 cups water Add water to quinoa in a pot and bring to a boil on high heat. Cover using a tight fitting lid and reduce heat to low. 15 minutes later fluff with fork and serve Variations Quinoa is very high in protein and [...]

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chili – veggi style

Careful! You are about to read a very loosely directed recipe for making chili. I give no exact measurements. Take a deep breath then go ahead and try it out. You will feel a sense of great achievement for you are about to make your own chili while being gently guided as to the basics. [...]

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peanut sauce

There are so many variations of peanut sauce. You can mix it with coconut milk, water, almond milk, tomato juice, you get the idea. No matter how you make peanut sauce it makes a perfect partner to fish or chicken. Below you will find a basic and tasty sauce. The list of ingredients found at [...]

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simple curried fish

For this simple dish, any fish fillets will do. Slice onions and chop up garlic. Use one small to medium onion and one clove of garlic per serving. Slice other vegetables you may want to sautee. Carrots, green peppers, red peppers and broccoli add beautiful colour and texture to this dish. Stir fry the vegetables [...]

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summer feast – cornish hens

Mangoes have been on sale for weeks now at our local grocers. When we buy a case of mangoes, a couple usually are left uneaten and are soon too ripe to eat. Now what?? Take out the cornish hens (chicken will do) and curry powder and lets have some fun! You will need ... 1-2 [...]

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swiss chard with yams

This is the season for fresh local swiss chard and garlic. The two combined with yams make an exceptionally tasty, colourful and nutrient rich meal. A meal in itself if served with pasta. Swiss chard is similar to spinach and beet greens, slightly bitter, with a good fresh flavour. Swiss chard has an exceptionally impressive [...]

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Hot Weather Food

What do you eat in the summer heat? Fresh fruit and smoothies go down so well in the hot summer days. But what about dinner? I like to make it easy, simple, fast and delicious. Salad! Greens galore - a big bowl full of fresh leafy greens are the base for dinner. The recipe is [...]

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