summer feast – cornish hens

Mangoes have been on sale for weeks now at our local grocers. When we buy a case of mangoes, a couple usually are left uneaten and are soon too ripe to eat. Now what?? Take out the cornish hens (chicken will do) and curry powder and lets have some fun! You will need ... 1-2 [...]

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I love Mexican Food …

I could eat Mexican food all day, day in, day out. In fact, when there is nothing to eat in the house - there are always tacos. I found a steal of a deal. 100 organic fresh tasting yellow corn tortillas for under $3.00!! So when all else fails, I pull out a couple of [...]

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Best Chicken Ever!

I made a chicken that was finger licking good! The best part of it are the ingredients - there are three. That's right three ingredients. In fact the best chicken recipes I know are simple. I will share them with you so you can rotate the chicken dinner dishes and they will all taste fantastic [...]

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Chicken and Tomatoes

Here is another yet amazingly easy and tasty chicken recipe. This requires one small can of tomato paste, spices and minced garlic. I use a roasting pan for this dinner, it takes about 35 minutes or so to bake and about 15                           [...]

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