Curried Brie Tofu

As seen on my FaceBook page - so tasty!   In a hot cast iron pan melt coconut oil and sesame oil.  I am generous with the coconut oil (about 2 Tb) and not so much with the sesame (1 tsp maybe a tad more).  Add the tofu and here the most important things are [...]

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Live garden burgers

Raw food is in the foreground now and receiving lots of attention. Cooking your food is not necessarily easier, faster or tastier. The recipe below needs only a food processor, a pair of clean hands and 10 minutes of your time! What can be faster? The taste will speak for itself so make sure to [...]

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Terrific Tasting Brussel Sprouts

No this is not an oxymoron! This is truly the best brussel sprout dish I have ever made. It has become a tradition among a group of us on Salt Spring Island to celebrate Thanksgiving together, and I am expected to bring these. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to brussel sprouts - this [...]

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the best eggplant ever!

Young fresh eggplants are abundant this time of year and they are delicious! My favourite way to it them takes of course less than 30 minutes, it is easy and finger licking good. A toaster oven is a convenient place to roast small eggplants, it is energy efficient and fast. I place the eggplant in [...]

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steam your vegetables

I have this cast iron frying pan. Before I got it I had an assortment of kitchen cookery - pots and pans of all shapes and sizes. Now I have this cast iron frying pan and I have put away my assortment. However, once in a while, I cast aside (dare I continue?) and I [...]

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vegetables: revamp your relationship

Do you think of adding raw, fresh vegetables or fruit to everything you eat? I started a list ... please feel free to add ideas berries with ice cream bananas on toast with nut butter tomato slices on cream cheese and bread raw salsa on crackers avocado with toast fresh grated carrot in a sandwich [...]

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“french fries”

The fact that the title is in quotes should give this one away. Yes this is a recipe for a vegetable disguised to be like a french fry but is not a french fry! The humble and little known rutabaga. This root vegetable is in the cabbage family (a brassica) and is very versatile in [...]

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swiss chard with yams

This is the season for fresh local swiss chard and garlic. The two combined with yams make an exceptionally tasty, colourful and nutrient rich meal. A meal in itself if served with pasta. Swiss chard is similar to spinach and beet greens, slightly bitter, with a good fresh flavour. Swiss chard has an exceptionally impressive [...]

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