thanks jane for that recipe

Procuttio wrapped halibut baked with fresh spinach, green beans, cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives all in a olive oil, butter and white wine sauce. Seasoned with Vita-Grains Savoury Fiesta

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I once had a day that went like this …

6:45 am wake up/bathroom 6:55 am make lunch for three and breakfast for those not having cereal (that is self serve) I have control issues around food, nutrition and my family so I start making breakfast… 6:55 am – 7:15 am kids get dressed and are responsible for all lunch snacks. There are 2 ripe [...]

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praise for kale salad

Have you thought that kale is one of those vegetables that you ought to love? Should love because you just know it is good for you? Just look at those dark leafy greens. They must be healthy! whether a kale love or looking to convert I have a recipe that is easy and fun to [...]

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rice pudding

If you have seen me at demos you would know that rice is a staple that I love. I tell new moms about the wonders of rice. It is filling and tasty and easy to keep. I usually make a pot and leave it on the stove. We have fried rice for breakfast and warmed [...]

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Savoury Fiesta

Savory Fiesta is a spicier blend with garlic, cumin and a touch of nutritional yeast. Packed with the same super blend as the Original, Fiesta has added spices without the wheat germ and wheat bran. The oat bran used is gluten free.

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Healthy tasty cinnamon toast

Do you love your toast with butter and cinnamon?  Why not kick it up a notch, keep the taste and add the goodness of Vida Grains too!  Simply butter your bread and sprinkle on Morning Glory Vida Grains. The berries in Morning Glory Vida Grains are organic, sugar free, high in protein and antioxidants.  The [...]

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Not just a food but a face mask too!

My daughter had a friend over and they were looking for organic home made face masks.  After choosing a recipe for a mask they were ready for a scrub but were short the almonds the scrub called for.  We made our own instead!  Using some organic yogurt we mixed in some oat bran and then [...]

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Worlds best sleep aid!

I love warm milk with honey and I love creating new recipes.  Yesterday I started making hot milk and ended up with a delicious hot milk treat.  It was so good that when my kids tasted it, I had none left for myself!  For an extra treat strain the milk and froth. For two cups [...]

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