Vida Grains “what do you say?”

Vida Grains “what do you say?” 2013-02-06T20:20:01+00:00

“Just a quick note of thanks and to let you know that l think the Vida Grains is a good product – l sprinkle it on everything from my breakfast oatmeal to broccoli.” Dion

“I appreciate you sending the Vida Grains out to me. I’ve not found anything comparable in or around Calgary at all.” Rhonda

“Every night I eat your Vida Grains and every morning I thank you.”

“I think Vida Grains is one of the best, new natural health foods to come on the market in quite a few years. It’s healthy, wholesome, nutritious and best of all… it’s delicious, too!”
Doug Muldoon – Author of “Effective Marketing for Natural Health Food Stores” a recognized natural health marketing consultant and a fervent supporter of all things organic.

“I love Vida Grains!  I have it for breakfast on my yogurt.  It tastes great and makes me feel good!”  Sam Graci of Greens +

“I love having a bag of Vida Grains in the fridge – they must be one of  the easiest and tastiest ways to pack a nutrition punch to my breakfast – I just sprinkle them on my granola.  They’re also great on salads, or any meal really.  And they are good value too – the bag always lasts longer than I imagine it will.”  Anna Wrede

“Hello, I enjoyed meeting you a few weeks back at Green’s in Kits. I bought 3 different flavourings of Vida Grains that day and just LOVE them all…but oh my Morning Glory, well I can not wait to get up and have a big bowl of oatmeal,yogurt & Morning Glory… I am truly addicted and I really do notice the difference, I feel full, satisfied and I have tons of energy for hours!!

Thank you for your wonderful contribution in providing such successful options that add to our dietary needs
Jacqui Brown”

My first order of vida grains came this morning and I am thrilled with this product!!! I purchased the morning glory. Sooo tasty. Put a tablespoon in my fruit smoothie! Very happy with it. Thank you for the trial of savory fiesta! Excited to cook with this tonight!! Thanks again!! I will certainly share this product with friends and co-workers!

“hello, first i want to say, i saw you and your wonderful mother on dragon’s den.congratulations on getting a deal with jim treliving…you were great!!! i then ordered your morning glory and received it two days ago….OMG!!!! it is absolutely delicious!! i have put it with my yogurt and blueberries and it is fabulous!! I just cant wait to have it, it is my new favorite breakfast… i just cant say enough…i had a lunch date with 4 of my girlfriends and was singing your praises…i want to thank you for this awesome cereal, i love it!!! i will be putting in an order again for the morning glory and want to try the savoury fiesta……thank you again… Deborah Froese thank you , thank you, thank you!!!”